Just as the invasion of Panama is about to happen, an intrepid Smithsonian scientist embarks on a research mission. Filmed entirely in Panama, San Blas Islands and Darien Jungle the filmmaker takes the viewer deep into the environment only to find nature “is” the enemy.

Director: Michael Mileham

The British-born Mileham got his start in film rather dramatically when on tour of duty in Vietnam, he augmented his M60 machine gun with an Oricon 16mm film camera from a wounded cameraman capturing a small part of what became the Cannes Grand Jury Prize-winning documentary “A Face of War.” In the decades since he’s been known as an innovator for everything from 3D technology to Steadicam development, high-speed film stocks (Kodak, Deluxe, Todd A-O), anamorphic lenses for Arriflex cameras to even manipulating NASA’s Viking Martian lander at JPL control. Along the way he’s directed, produced or photographed more than a dozen A-list actor feature films and music videos and worked on the late Sir Richard Attenborough’s acclaimed “100 Years Of Motion Pictures” book. A new and most vocal proponent of projection mapping, Mileham believes “it could be the answer to the subtle challenges in finishing a film he was shooting with Elliott Gould and Peter Cook in the Darien Jungle when U.S. Forces attacked Panama and so rudely prevented him from finishing his film. Until now. He plans on showing us exactly what he means.

Director’s Statement

David Lean inspired me to make this short (ish) movie. Its filmed in Super 35mm in the most dangerous jungle in the world. As David Lean told me “to take the audience where they will never go”. With the help of my dear friends we all survived uninjured.